Full Moon and the Geneva gear

 Hand-made Fidget  art  toys




Any good design is usually inspired by keen observation of daily life. A well-designed toy always attracts children, who would like to play with it immediately. The clever design and ingenuous mechanical operation of a good therapeutic fidget toy can relieve the anxiety of hyperactive children with attention-deficit syndrome.

Around us there is always a friend who is prone to nervousness that is manifested in unconscious fidgeting behaviour, such as twirling pens, pressing pen tops, or crushing bubbles on bubble paper. Fidget Toys, designed to treat fidgeting behaviour such as fidget spinner and Fidget Cube are hot selling items on foreign websites. They are popular toys among school children.



身邊總有個容易緊張過慮的朋友,會經常不自覺的出現一些習慣性動作,如轉筆、持續按壓筆掣,又或是一見氣泡紙就會想要一個一個的壓破氣泡。Fidget 意譯煩躁或坐立不安,時興的Fidget Toys,例如風摩中小學生的指尖陀螺、在外國網站大賣特賣的Fidget Cube都是專門設計用以滿足大家重複的慣性。

non-Disciplinary Designer

Who is he ? >

TIN LAU, a non-Disciplinary Designer, has studied art in the Netherlands, and has worked as a graphic designer, interior designer, artist, etc. after returning to Hong Kong. He is now working on different projects including some with KL&K Creative Strategics.

「無差別設計師」TIN LAU在荷蘭修讀藝術,回港後兼任平面設計師、室內設計師、藝術家等。現參與不同的設計項目,包括與KL&K Creative Strategics 的項目合作。



This set of toys looks simple but it actually contains many mechanical principles and mathematical calculations. Since childhood Tin Lau has been interested in analysing simple machinery, from the mechanical gear sets to the complex assembly designs, to the streamlined structures. All through the years he has been studying mortise and tenon joints that require no glue, with a soft clicking sound in operation. These wooden toys fulfil three functions simultaneously. They invite players to add their new ideas with their personal style. They can relieve stress and are pleasant to look at.



對於從不滿足於現成品的設計師來說,這套玩具看似簡單,實際內含不少機械原理和數學計算。Tin 從小便對簡單機械有興趣,從機械齒輪組,到複合組裝設計,流麗的結構,都是經年累月而來的觀察與鑽研。作品運用卡榫結構,連保護的盒子也如是,份外精緻。緊密咬合無需黏膠,運轉起來還有輕輕的卡卡聲。木製純色的玩具,邀請玩家自行加添新意,使原本已經限量的作品更具個人特式。一件獨有的療癒小品,又可以創作,又可以觀賞,又可以紓緩壓力,一次滿足了三個願望。


A wooden toy bought from a Japanese flea market during childhood is his inspiration of the creation of this series of works


geneva gear

The Fidget Toys called "Moon" are inspired by " The re-discovery of the primitive people's feelings about the moon." Since ancient times, people have always been inspired by the moon, which is glorified in poetry and songs. “The designer who does not discriminate” , Tin Lau starts from a geometrical full moon shaped base and uses a simple mechanical design to create a set of five special wooden Fidget Toys.

This set of fidget toys is the results of repeated researches, drawings, trial productions and remakes. At first glance, they look very similar. In fact, each one is a miniature work of art. Each is pleasing to the eye; they are linked in a way that they can be operated rotationally or linearly. They are assembled extra-ordinarily with ordinary toy components. One of the toys uses the Geneva gear, a mechanical structure used in older 8mm film projectors that converts general continuous rotation into intermittent rotation in order to enhance the persistence of vision.

以「Moon 月亮」為名的Fidget Toys,源自於「找回原始人對月亮的感覺」。作為一個節奏急速的都市人,你還記得上一次看月亮是何時嗎?


從古至今人們經常向月亮攞靈感,詩詞歌賦比比皆是,而「無差別設計師」Tin Lau 就從幾何出發,以圓形為基礎,撘配簡單機械,創作出一套五款各具特式的木製Fidget Toys。

反覆研究、繪圖、試製與重作,每個細節一點都不能馬虎。 驟眼看以為五款作品大同小異,其實每一件都是濃縮藝術品。一格扣着一格,從攪動到橫移, 每款設計都賞心悅目。玩具參照日常工廠可見的機械組件,既熟悉又陌生。其中一款玩具運用日內瓦齒輪(geneva gear),這是一款用在舊式8毫米膠片放映機中的機械結構,它可將一般的連續旋轉運動轉換成間歇性的旋轉運動,所以在膠卷影片放映的過程中,可強化視覺暫留的效果。

Whether you like gears or not, I am sure there is one that appeals to you, if not because of its unique design then at least for its therapeutic value as a fidget toy. Your mind relaxes when you play with any one of them and all your anxiety disappears with the clicking sounds of their operation.

不論你喜歡齒輪與否, 單憑它是一件獨一無二的療癒小物,這套精緻的玩具總有一款吸引你。從遊戲中放鬆,無意識的思緒在齒輪之間迴轉梳理,讓所有煩惱隨着卡卡的聲響一格一格的消逝。