12年的錘煉 12 種生活温度 12-year refinements suggesting 12 kinds of heart warming feelings

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

12個月份、12地支、12生肖,「十二」似乎是和時間空間有著奇妙聯繫的基本數字;如果生活是時間空間交織出的温度,創作歷時12年、概念源自十二肖的「Project Twelve」動物造型藝術品,能為家居生活變奏出哪種温度呢?

In one year there are 12 months, 12 Earthly Branches, and 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs. “12” seems to be the basic figure that has a wonderful connection to time and space. If life could be measured by a “life-temperature scale”, carved by time and space, how warm would the reading of this “life-temperature scale” be measured the charm of home-life, indicated by the creation of “Project Twelve” , a 12 years long production, the conceptual inspiration of which originated from the art work of the “Chinese zodiac animal signs”? How warm in terms of this “life-temperature scale” could it be if it could be measured?




Everyone has his or her conception of an ideal cozy home. However, very few people can imagine that they could purchase a home-warming piece of animal-modelled artwork, created by an artist of the grandmaster level at a reasonable price. Which ones of the 12 animals would you buy for home decoration as well as to reward the enthusiasm of these artists during the creation?

「Project Twelve」項目由文化實驗室美術總監劉小康先生發起,以十二生肖作為主題,自2008年,每年一個新作誕生,整個計劃遂歷時12年,目前已有11件完成品。項目邀請亞洲各界優秀藝術家及設計師參與,由於每位年度藝術家都來自不同的專業,故作品風格迥異,呈現不同美態。除著重展露中國及亞洲文化特色的獨特美態,亦重呈現出生活情趣,用家可循欣賞角度探索設計師結合當代藝術與中國文化的演繹,設計亦重實用性,讓藝術品入屋的概念,來得貼地、親和。

The “Project Twelve” project with the theme of the “Chinese zodiac animal signs” was initiated by Mr. Freeman Lau, the art director of the Cultural Laboratory. One animal-modelled artwork from the “Chinese zodiac animal signs” has been created each year since 2008. The entire project lasted for 12 years. So far 11 pieces of animal-modelled artwork have been created. “Project Twelve” invites outstanding artists and designers from all walks of life in Hong Kong to participate. As each of the twelve artists of these twelve years comes from a uniquely different profession, the style of his or her art work has a very unique and different style of beauty. In addition to the emphasis of the unique beauty of China and Asia’s cultural characteristics, it also highlights the aesthetic aspect with its related re- emergence of the zest of life of those respective cultures.Purchasers can explore from a connoisseur’s perspective the expression of the artists’ combined interpretation of contemporary art as well as the beauty of Chinese culture. The designs of these works of art also emphasize practicality. They are audience-friendly and they blend in perfectly with most home decoration designs.


趣緻 玩味 A cute decoration with good taste

劉米鼠.鉛錫合金雕塑筷子座 劉米高Michael Lau

“MicLau” is a lead and tin alloy sculpture of a chopstick holder created by Michael Lau

要將藝術品入屋,最忌艱澀難懂、難以親近;作品「劉米鼠」出自具有「Figure之父」之稱的劉米高Michael Lau之手,他擅長平衡藝術感與玩味感,恰到好處。


If you want your art creation to become popular please do not make the theme of your creation hard to understand and difficult to perceive; “MicLau” is the art creation of Michael Lau, who is known as the “father of Figure,” and he excels at balancing the sense of art and playfulness.

When composing this piece of art creation Michael Lau originally emphasised “cuteness” as the most important priority. Later on in the creation of “MicLau”, he was inspired by the work of a seal carving grand master and the final result is this miniature sculpture of a chopstick holder, “MicLau”. Adhering to his playful miniature model artistic style Michael Lau focuses on the cute posture and the naughty expression of “MicLau” as a chopstick holder. To add to its cuteness he put seal engravings on the buttocks of “MicLau”, combining its trouble-making cuteness with Chinese traditional culture. Putting these cute little chopstick holders on the dining table will add quite a bit of excitement to the usual dinner table.


樸拙 靈巧 A nimble twist of origami

二牛銅製箔金雕塑擺設 張義

“Yeeox” means two oxen in Chinese. It is a copper ox sculpture decoration, wrapped in gold colour foil.



This work of art, “yeeox” is created by the famous Hong Kong sculptor, Cheung Yee. In addition to being an artist Cheung Yee is also an educator; among his students there are quite a few famous artists, like Freeman Lau, Chris Ho and Jaffa Lam. Master Cheung Yee is the second child in his family. It happens that the Ox is also the second sign in the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs. In Cantonese the Chinese character “二” is pronounced as “yee” and it has two meanings, one of which means “second” and the other one means “2 ” in terms of quantity. Naturally, Master Cheung Yee names his creation “yeeox”, which means two oxen in Chinese.

The original model of “yeeox” is a piece of paper, casually folded into the shape of an ox by Master Cheung Yee, who later on used this as a model to create this copper ox sculpture decoration, wrapped in golden foil. The existence of cattle has awakened people's emotional connection with nature and the earth. Although in Chinese culture "golden oxen" means wealth, and extravagance. However, this noble " yeeox" has the touch and the feeling of Master Cheung Yee’s dexterous hands in its initial origami creation. Thus this special artistic quality of “yeeox” disassociates it from the extravagant habit of tycoons, who like to use “golden oxen” to show off their wealth. Instead of being a sign of extravagance, “yeeox” oozes unadorned and honest down-to-earth feelings of ordinary people. Putting “yeeox” on the desk seems to remind us that we must work humbly to accumulate wealth!


威嚴 活力 Majestic vitality“Yi Hu” by Raman Hui

毅虎 .錫鉛合金雕塑擺設 許誠毅x品牌Royal Selangor

“Yi Hu”, a tin-lead alloy sculpture decoration is an excellent joint creation by Raman Hui and the brand called, Royal Selangor

作品「毅虎 」是「史力加之父」許誠毅與與品牌Royal Selangor合作之傑作。



The work " Yi Hu " is a masterpiece jointly created by the "Father of Shrek", Raman Hui (Xu Chengyi) and the brand called, Royal Selangor .

Raman Hui believes that tigers are beautiful. No matter how you look at them these majestic animals have unique and breathtaking qualities, manifested in their facial contours, their trunk shapes, or in their black stripes. At the time of conception, he hoped that the created image of “Yi Hu” would appear majestic and heroic, just like a great leader who stands ready to accept challenges and protect his people.

In order to portray the static but ready for action posture of “Yi Hu”, Raman Hui used the intermittent empty surface spaces of the sculpture to depict the black tiger stripes in order to highlight his cool and majestic but ready for action posture of dignity. “Yi Hu” is cool, and domineering in appearance, and I believe “Yi Hu” can easily capture the hearts of all the cat lovers!


溫婉 愉悅 Warm and pleasant

如兔混合石小型雕塑 薩璨如

“Ru Tu” is a small sculpture made of mixed stone

旅居義大利雕刻家薩璨如創作的大理石雕塑紙鎮「如兔 」,體積小巧雅緻,旨於讓作品便於隨身攜帶,讓藝術品成為生活的一部分。


The “Ru Tu” is a marble sculpture paper weight created by Cynthia Sah, a sculptor currently based in Italy; it is small and elegant. It is meant to be easily carried, making this work of art a close element of the owner’s life.

Cynthia Sah’s works have always been able to reflect the calm and tranquility of Eastern Philosophy, and she is good at combining simple line patterns with the textures of the her art materials. Therefore, “Ru Tu”, the rabbit seems to be just crouching quietly at a corner at home. However, its presence invigorates the whole room. Cynthia Sah’s conception of “Ru Tu” was inspired by the pervasion of the computer era with electronic equipment that weaken personal physical contacts; people no longer cares different materials to experience their tactile sensation. This conception motivated her to design “Ru Tu”, a small and compact piece of portable art work that people can take out of their pocket any time. Owners of “Ru Tu” can look at it and feel it with a heart warming smile. The harmonious curve of “Ru Tu” can satisfy people’s visual, tactile and spiritual need.


簡練 氣魄 The simple but imposing vigor of breakthroughs

龍行.不銹鋼雕塑擺設 劉家寶 x 品牌Georg Jensen

“Long Xing” is a stainless steel sculpture decoration jointly created by Chisa Lau and the brand, Georg Jensen

汽車設計師劉家寶與丹麥品牌Georg Jensen合作創作的不銹鋼雕塑「龍行」,以「龍的再生」為題,象徵銳意突破、重生的理念。


Reacting to the theme of the “Dragon's Regeneration”, which symbolizes the imposing vigor of the breakthroughs and the rebirth of a dragon, car designer Chisa Lau and the Danish brand Georg Jensen have jointly created “Long Xing”, a stainless steel sculpture. Chisa Lau hopes that his work of art can re-vitalise the venturing spirit of the people, inspiring them to forge ahead to complete their deep-seated dreams. The design of this art work combines the designer's sense of touch in the design of cars and the essence of the fluid writing style of the semi-cursive script in Chinese calligraphy. “Long Xing” has a condensed and non-aggressive look of a dragon that has no claws or scales but it gives viewers the sense of its powerful imposing vigor of breakthroughs. Visually “Long Xing” is different and interesting from any viewing perspective.


柔韌 靈活 Agile and flexible

蛇舞.黃銅擺設 陳瑞麟

“She Wu” is a brass ornaments created by Dennis Chan

由國際尊貴珠寶品牌Qeelin的的始創人暨創作總監陳瑞麟設計的「蛇舞 」,揉合法國工匠與中國美學。

蛇一般予人惡毒的負面形象,陳瑞麟卻希望以嶄新視角詮釋蛇與生俱來柔韌多姿、生命力強等優點。設計充分展現蛇的靈活形態,利用蛇柔軟細長、動作矯健的特質,模仿蛇扭動時的姿態,線條優美。而蛇身物料以電鍍玫瑰金與銀色黃銅物彩相間,效果剛柔並重。將「蛇舞 」置於家中,能否喚醒您蠢蠢欲動的舞蹈細胞?

“She Wu”, which means the dance of a snake is designed by Dennis Chan the founder and creative director of Qeelin, an international premium jewelry brand. “She Wu” is a blend of French craftsmanship and Chinese aesthetics.

The snake generally gives people a negative image of viciousness. Dennis Chan hopes to use a new perspective to portray the snake's innate flexibility and vitality. The design of “She Wu” fully demonstrates the snake's flexibility, using the snake's soft, slender, and motion-rich qualities in its beautiful twisting movements.

The body of “She Wu” is composed of alternative blocks of brass in two colors, rose gold and silver. The effect is strong with a soft fluidity. When “She Wu” is used to decorate your home it might inspire you to dance. Are you interested to dance like “She Wu”?


無束 求變 The unlimited desire to change

易馬.電鍍銅擺設 靳埭強

“eHorse” is an electroplated copper decoration created by Kan Tai Keung




“eHorse”is created by the famous designer, Kan Tai Keung, who loves to use the 12 animals of the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs as the themes of his art work. In one of the years of the Horse zodiac animal sign he created the sculpture of “eHorse”.

Among the 12 Chinese zodiac animals the horse has always been a favourite choice by many artists, who have portrayed its beauty in many works of art in various forms. Kan Tai Keung feels that he is saddling at a point latitudinally between the East and the West and longitudinally between the ancient and the modern. This is the reason why he has selected the ancient fortune-telling “Book of Changes” as the theme of his sculpture and he has engraved the picture of 《河圖Hé tú》on the back of “eHorse” . 《河圖Hé tú》 was selected because according to ancient Chinese history it was sent to the Chinese on the back of a horse from the gods in Heaven. Not only is this legendary horse of 《河圖Hé tú》 in “The Book of Changes” a concept that transcends time and history but it also expresses the daring spirit to pioneer changes that modern Chinese have inherited from their ancient philosophers, like Laozi.

Copper “eHorse”is elegant and fashionable in appearance. “eHorse” also inspires vitality because it is usually associated with the fortunetelling sign of movements, called 驛馬Yì mǎ, which means a “stagecoach for moving”.


靜謐 想像 Tranquility with imagination

羊祥. 氧化銅雕塑掛架 盧志榮

“Yang Xiang” is a copper oxide sculpture of a rack by Chi Wing Lo


盧志榮一向希望作品帶有詩意,故設計「羊祥」時,特地撇除羊本身的形象,留白空間很多, 讓不同年代的觀者可以自行填充留白位置,附帶著當下情感,延長作品壽命。「羊祥」掛架實用,而線條的簡潔不佔空間,容易配襯家居設計。作品上八個圓點均為黃金拋光的黃銅,亦代表羊於十二生肖排行第八之位置,同時寓意八面玲瓏、事事吉祥。

Chi Wing Lo is an architect and a furniture designer; he likes to add a touch of poetry to his works of art. His art creation “Yang Xiang” has changed the perception of the softness of sheep. The design of “Yang Xiang” project the sketch of a goat into the shape of a rack, leaving a lot of space for the imagination of viewers of different age groups. “Yang Xiang” also comes with the blessing of longevity, symbolised by the tranquility and harmony of a herd of sheep.

The “Yang Xiang” set of racks is practical; it does not occupy too much space and can blend in with any home design. The eight balls in the design are made of gold-polished brass. They symbolise the eighth place of the goat in the 12 zodiac animal signs. It also symbolises that the owner is fortunate and well-connected in all eight directions like the Eight Trigrams.


矯捷 自在 Agility with composure

翔猴電鍍銅與鎳雕塑擺設 羅偉基

“Xiang Hou” is an electroplated copper and nickel sculpture for decoration, created by Anthony Lo


羅偉基認為猴子嬉皮笑臉的神態,非常可愛;牠們動作敏捷,不態靜止下來,充滿生命力。作品選材別具用心,猴子與影子僅由薄透如隱形的桿子相連,呈現無拘無束的姿態自在 。將「翔猴」置於浴室附近,令人聯想到戶外浸溫泉的野猿,霎時享受回到舒適區的輕鬆感覺。

This sculpture, “Xiang Hou” was created by Anthony Lo, a car designer. He captures the various agile movements of monkeys, which are incredibly light and fast, and sometimes they will take the risk and attempt to fly.

During the conception of “Xiang Hou” Anthony Lo had glimpses of the naughty but cute facial expressions of moneys, which are full of vitality as shown in their constant quick movements. The material selection of “Xiang Hou” is ingenious. In the sculpture the monkey and shadow are only connected by thin and transparent poles, as if it was flying freely. Placing “Xiang Hou” near the bathroom reminds you of the outdoor picnic spots with hot springs, which are sometimes frequented by groups of moneys. Seeing this might instantly entice you into the relaxing comfort mood of holidays.


喜樂 和諧 Joy and harmony

和鸞.鋼/銅雕塑擺設 莫一新, 文鳳儀

“He Luen” is a steel/copper sculpture of paperweight, designed by the artists Man Fung-yi and Mok Yat-san, a married couple

作品「和鸞 」是鋼/銅雕塑紙鎮,由藝術家夫婦莫一新及文鳳儀設計。



“He” is female, “Luen”is male, and “He Luen” symbolises the harmonious combination of a man and a woman in marriage; this seamless combination of the yin and the yang complement each other so well that it will bring double happiness and double enjoyment.

The heart-shaped “He Luen” appears plump and it has clusters of holes to let light through, casting many enchanting shadows. The roly-poly round-bottom design makes sure that it will never fall, symbolising that this relationship will never fail nor fall because of the cementing and everlasting power of mutual love and kindness. This couple can enjoy each other in this perfect relationship forever. This feeling of mutual love is being reinforced whenever they see “He Luen”, which is also a perfect wedding gift.

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