Special edition. Two books with six art cards.

Limited Edition of 200

Christopher Doyle. story. photography. collage. video



---Vol I   Why I Am Not A Painter ---

For Christopher Doyle, language is a way to review, refine, and reform.  Words come from the creative experience and the cinematic space. They are what the process of film-making suggests to him.


冊一  《之所以我不是畫家》



--- Vol II   Of the Film ---

To film is to catch the ephemeral.

冊二  《電影這回事》



--- A set of 6 art cards. Mixed-media collage ---

Films come and go, but collage is so central to me.   —— Christopher Doyle


電影如過眼雲煙,拼貼卻讓我尋回生活重心。  ——杜可風


About Christopher Doyle 關於杜可風 |  

Christopher Doyle has been creating beautiful imagery on film over the past four decades, and is regarded by many as one of the greatest cinematographers. He left his native Sydney at the age of eighteen, became a deck hand on Norwegian cargo ships, a cowboy at a Kibbutz in Israel, a quack doctor in Thailand, and then a green agriculturalist in India before making his home in Hong Kong. He’s been known as Du Ke Feng – like the wind – since the late seventies. The name is derived from The Analects of Confucius which says a man of ‘quality’ should be like the wind.

香港電影攝影師,七次奪得香港電影金像獎最佳攝影。他在澳洲新南威爾斯省首府雪梨出生,曾就讀澳洲雪梨大學文學系、香港中文大學新亞書院、美國馬利蘭大學美術系。十八歲那年開始水手生涯雲遊四方,曾在以色列的集體農場工作、在泰國當「神醫」及在 印度當環保農夫。1970年代後期,他在香港大學的中文老師給他取了一個中文名字「杜可風」,因為孔子「論語」——智者應如風。

Christopher Doyle Limited Edition

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