(one Piggy Bank in each pack) Famous Hong Kong designer Freeman Lau combined Chinese zodiac with chairs in creating his wooden artwork series of "Piggy" in recent years. Now, he further brings this art concept to everyone with fun.  Collaborated with an 3D puzzle manufacturing expert "Team Green", this Piggy Bank is made of Plywood and  You can make your own funny money bank in a typical piggy-style of Freeman's design.
香港著名設計大師劉小康把中國生肖文化融入椅子之中,創作了木造的藝術品Piggy系列。進一步將好玩的計計帶進每個人的生活,劉小康今次伙拍專業製造3D砌圖的"Team Green", 將標誌性造型的豬仔椅子化身成 木製的3D砌圖模型,你也可以親身製作出屬於你自己的豬仔錢箱呢。 

3D Puzzle Piggy Bank (3D砌圖豬仔錢箱)

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