Masterpiece Miniature Sculpture for Ideal Cozy Homes & Offices 


12個月份、12地支、12生肖,「十二」似乎是和時間空間有著奇妙聯繫的基本數字;如果生活是時間空間交織出的温度,創作歷時12年、概念源自十二肖的「Project Twelve」動物造型藝術品,能為家居生活變奏出哪種温度呢?



In one year there are 12 months, 12 Earthly Branches, and 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs. “12” seems to be the basic figure that has a wonderful connection to time and space. If life could be measured by a “life-temperature scale”, carved by time and space, how warm would the reading of this “life-temperature scale” be measured the charm of home-life, indicated by the creation of “Project Twelve” , a 12 years long production, the conceptual inspiration of which originated from the art work of the “Chinese zodiac animal signs”? How warm in terms of this “life-temperature scale” could it be if it could be measured?


Everyone has his or her conception of an ideal cozy home. However, very few people can imagine that they could purchase a home-warming piece of animal-modelled artwork, created by an artist of the grandmaster level at a reasonable price. Which ones of the 12 animals would you buy for home decoration as well as to reward the enthusiasm of these artists during the creation?

12-year refinements suggesting 12 kinds of heart warming feelings

12年的錘煉   12 種生活温度

“Project Twelve” with the theme of the “Chinese zodiac animal signs” was initiated by Mr. Freeman Lau, the art director of the Cultural Laboratory.  One animal-modelled artwork from the “Chinese zodiac animal signs” has been created each year since 2008. The entire project lasted for 12 years. So far 11 pieces of animal-modelled artwork have been created. “Project Twelve” invites outstanding artists and designers from all walks of life in Hong Kong to participate. As each of the twelve artists of these twelve years comes from a uniquely different profession, the style of his or her art work has a very unique and different style of beauty. In addition to the emphasis of the unique beauty of China and Asia’s cultural characteristics, it also highlights the aesthetic aspect with its related re- emergence of the zest of life of those respective cultures.


Purchasers can explore from a connoisseur’s perspective the expression of the artists’ combined interpretation of contemporary art as well as the beauty of Chinese culture. The designs of these works of art also emphasize practicality. They are audience-friendly and they blend in perfectly with most home decoration designs.

「Project Twelve」項目由文化實驗室美術總監劉小康先生發起,以十二生肖作為主題,自2008年,每年一個新作誕生,整個計劃遂歷時12年,目前已有11件完成品。項目邀請香港各界優秀藝術家及設計師參與,由於每位年度藝術家都來自不同的專業,故作品風格迥異,呈現不同美態。除著重展露中國及亞洲文化特色的獨特美態,亦重呈現出生活情趣,用家可循欣賞角度探索設計師結合當代藝術與中國文化的演繹,設計亦重實用性,讓藝術品入屋的概念,來得貼地、親和。